Zakład Przetwórstwa Mięsnego GAIK has specialised in production of meat and cooked meats basing on raw materials from local farms for over 25 years. Our long-term experience, use of unique recipes passed over through generations and care for quality during every stage of production resulted in products expected by the European market. Fresh, natural and tasty – these are the products we offer our customers.


Partnership-based cooperation
Our customers and their satisfaction are our highest value, thus we make every reasonable effort to ensure the maximum satisfaction from purchases of our products. As a solid business partner, we try to meet the highest expectations and requirements of both our suppliers and end customers.

Dynamic growth
We take care of continuous and dynamic growth of the company, thus we are able to expand our portfolio and extend the range of its distribution. Our products are available not only in Poland, but also abroad, in countries such as: Great Britain, Lithuania or Latvia.

Product safety
Quality and safety or our products are extremely important to us, thus raw materials used in production of cooked meats undergoes strict veterinary selection. Careful selection of suppliers, monitoring and supervision of the entire production process ensures that we can offer healthy and safe products.

Care for environment
Sustainable growth, including the needs of the environment, is one of the priorities of our policy. We try to minimise the impact of our business on the environment.  With this purpose in mind, we have created modern technical facilities, enabling us control over and limitation of any possible adverse impact on the environment


Gaining the trust of our Customers by offering excellent quality products created according to traditional recipes whilst maintaining high standards of production using modern technologies.


The beginnings – 1991
We have started as a family company, and our products were initially distributed locally only (Niedośpielin, Lodz Voivodeship). Thanks to the quality of our products, we have been quickly noticed by customers from other regions of Poland, resulting in increased demand for our products.

Expansion – 1994
The demand for our products quickly exceeded our production capacity, thus we started building a new production site in 1994. It met and even largely exceeded contemporary standards for such sites, ensuring the highest production standards. Thus, we were able to meet the continuously increasing demand, expand our offer and improve product quality.

Investments – 2004
The next few years of our business included systematic investments in increasing production capacity and excellence of quality standards. In 2004, we have significantly expanded our site, which was now able to produce up to 40 tons of cooked meats per day and to expand its trade onto the international market of the European Union. We have also implemented important solutions intended to limit the impact on the environment.

Modern times – 2015
The construction of a modern slaughterhouse and pork processing facility with a production capacity of up to 50 tons in 2015 was a breakthrough. Use of the newest technologies and automation of production processes resulted in excellent quality of raw material comprising the basis of cooked meats we offer today.